SP 10 -emäntämme Bobbi asetti taas kilpailukysymyksiä, joihin minä toki ulkomaan neuleherkkujen toivossa vastaan. Meidän tuli pohtia, mitä neuleita pakkaamme lomalle mukaan ja mitä haluaisimme lomallamme hankkia. Bonuskysymyksenä oli neuletoivioretken mieluisin kohde.

Our SP10 hostess Bobbi set some questions which I will naturally answer in case I might win some goodies. We're supposed to think what we'll pack to knit on a holiday and what would we like to shop for while on holiday. As a bonus she asked where would we like to go on a proper knitting holiday.

- My favourite everywhere is to knit socks. Perfect project size, seldom too difficult a pattern to memorise, fairly quick to finish; these are the qualities that make socks my favourite project in both house and garden as well while travelling.

- The shopping thing has two answers. If I went on a break right now I would like to shop some goody-goody lace yarn for my SP's last package. Unfortunately, that will be over when I'll really have my holiday so I want to shop for a really nice and girly pair of sandals this summer.  

- My ultimate knitting trip would be a month in a place where I could learn to process wool from shearing sheep to spinning by both a spindle and a wheel and everything there in between. That could ideally be combined to dyeing my own yarn with some plant dyes. That I have tried quite a lot but it has been some years now when I haven't been into dyeing so much and I really miss it.  


Kiitokset häpeämättömästi kopioidusta lammaskuvasta Egosentrifugiin ja uudesta sivupohjasta Kikille.