I received the final package of my Secret Pal 11. As soon as I got the big box in my hands at the post office I realised this was going to be something really grand. Made haste, got home and immediately opened the box. Someone else was interested, too.

Sain viimeisen Secret Pal 11-vaihdon paketin. Se oli täynnä ihanuuksia ja lämpöä.


First thing to get my attention was the wonderful scent from the small (homemade?) gingerbreads. What a lovely idea! I'm munching them as we speak.


Chocolate, too, as well holiday reading and ideas...


Warmth and light to nothern darkness. Please note the Edelweiss flowers on the candle; I thought they gave an excellent hint of my SP's whereabouts.


Lovely wooden cat and a helpful knitting aid; row/stitch count bracelet!


And last but not least; yarn. Tausendschön sock yarn and two skeins of lace weight single ply from Uruguay, from handpaintedyarn.com, I suppose.


My SP is Austrian and from Vienna, one of the really favourite cities I have visited (not that they would be so many). I've been there twice and the second time was exactly two years ago. It was then I lost my heart to the place; Vienna in Christmas time is amazing. And so was my Pal. A mere thank you sounds so lame, but thankful I am.

Ich habe keine Wörter für meinen Dank aussprechen. Peachy, du hast ein wunderbar Secret Pal gewesen!