Tein Vintiölle jo muutama viikko sitten, huomattavasti kylmempinä päivinä, uuden paksun pipon. Pipo on sittemmin ollut mieluinen niin pojalle kuin äidille. Ei kutkuta ja pysyy päässä riennoissa kuin riennoissa. Vintiö nimesi pipon välittömästi Pupu Luppakorva-pipoksi.

Couple of weeks ago I made a new hat for Rascal. It has been very liked by both the owner and the owner's mom. It doesn't itch and it stays on in every turn. Rascal immediately named the hat "Bunny Floppyears".


Bunny Floppyears

Size: Fits a smallish two-year-old.

Yarn: Rowan Polar, colour lettuce. 100 m = 100 g. Took almost the whole ball. As accentuating colour I used Rowan 4 ply, bluebird.

Needles: 6 mm dpn's.

Gauge: appr. 15 s per 10 cm.


Cast on 64 s. Divide the stitches on 4 dpn's and join in the round. 

Knit 4 rounds in garter stitch, begin with a purled round. K one round.

On the next round k 11, k3tog, k 36, k3tog, k 11 = 60 s. Knit one round. On the next round k 10, k3tog, k 34, k3tog, k 10 = 56 s. Knit one round. On the next round k 9, k3tog, k 32, k3tog, k9 = 52 s.

Even the stitches on four needles so that every needle has 13 stitches. Continue in stockinette stitch with these 52 stitches for appr. 14 cm.

Knit to the end of first needle. Bind off either with three needles or bind off in the round and sew the top seam flat.

Make two tassels. You can use an additional yarn in contrasting colour if you want to. Attach the tassels to both ends of the top seam.

Make two cords in technique you like; i-cord, crochet etc and attach them to the pointy ends of ear flaps. I attached long yarns on the edge of both ear flaps and simply made two braids.

Steam if you want to.