Edellisessä kirjoituksessa mainitsemani terapiakäsityöt tässä näytteillä:

The therapy knittings from yesterday's post here on show:


EERO mittens

Yarn: Seitsemän veljestä, leftover red from the nineties, 75 % wool and 25 % polyamid

Needles: 3,5 mm bamboo dpn's

Pattern: 28 stitches, basic mitten

Yet another pair for Rascal. You know, a two-year-old can never have too many gloves and mitts.


LAURI socks

Yarn: Seitsemän veljestä - striped, appr. 140 g

Needles: 3,5 mm bamboo dpn's

Pattern: 54 stitches in 4 k, 2 p rib, normal Finnish (Dutch) reinforced heel, wedge toe. Size 39-40.

These are for my father-in-law who doesn't even have a computer at home, not to speak of internet connection. Safe to show, then.


THERAPY scarfs

Yarn: On Line Rush, 55% wool, 45% acryl, 200 g each (waiting for the pilling to begin...)

Needles: 10 mm

Pattern: 23 s in moss stitch until the yarn finishes.

The greenish-purple scarf is for me to match my brand new black wintercoat and the orange-red version is a Christmas secret (to a someone who surely doesn't read my blog, so it's safe to show it too.) I just became fascinated with the colours in Vihreä vyyhti so I ignored the huge amout of plastic in the yarn. I still have one colourway to knit into a same kind of Christmas present scarf. It will be in black and white and every grey in between. Shouldn't take too long... Thick yarns are sometimes just so nice; I've hassled so long with fine yarns that it's just heaven to finish something so quickly!