This morning I woke to doorbell. It was Postman Pat's little sister who brought me an anticipated surprise; the final SP package. The contents were results of my pal's trip to US and they were green! Look at this:


(artsy-fartsy photographing in our brand new palm tree)

Koigu KPPPM and Alchemy Lone Star, a merino and mohair blend. Aaahh... Thank You ever so much, Esmerelda for all the lovely things you sent me and for our lovely correspondence!  

The pal to whom I have been sending my packages is Breibeest in the Netherlands. I became exposed with a silly little thing, the paper-art envelope I made the other day. I included it in one of my packages and was sure that she wouldn't notice. Silly me, of course she remembered seeing it somewhere. Today, I sent out (too late, I know, I'm ever so sorry!) my last package so I won't reveal here anything. You can follow Breibeest's blog and hopefully in the beginning of next week there'll be some news about it.

In my case this was really a rewarding swap. Instead of unwanted presents from a stranger and sending some to another stranger I made two good friends and got some really beautiful things. I'm so happy I decided to participate in this SP round. Thank you once again, my lovely friends!